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How to Treat Jellyfish Stings

Jellyfish stings are relatively common problems when swimming, surfing or diving. Their stings often lead to no serious problem but there are a few species that may cause life-threatening problems to humans. It is important to note that jellyfish found in the shore, or those that appear to be dead, are still capable of stinging […]


Tsunamis are described as a series of large ocean waves that extends inland. They are frequently caused by severe earthquakes under the ocean floor or landslides into the ocean. A tsunami can occur within minutes after a major earthquake, wherein the danger period may last for several hours after the earthquake has occurred. The waves […]

Drowning Prevention At Home

The beginning of the summer season means that many people will now open their swimming pools. Pool owners and parents especially those with kids should keep in mind that the swimming pool is a great health hazard because it is easy for the kids to drown. It is possible for a kid to drown instantly […]