Bronze Medallion – Self Rescue

Participants enrolled in Bronze Medallion will learn various Self Rescue Course techniques for different environments. Part of becoming a Lifesaver is being able to keep yourself safe. In this component, participants will simulate self-rescue techniques for the circumstances including ice, moving water, and swamped or capsized boats. The purpose of this activity is to develop self-rescue skills for ice, moving water, and swamped or capsized boats. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. If you want to learn skills and techniques for self-rescue from ice, moving water or distressed boats take a Bronze Medallion course.

To successfully complete the course participants must complete the following skills:

  • Participants must simulate effective Self Rescue Course techniques appropriate for the conditions.

Additional Notes:

  • Participants may be encouraged to wear t-shirts and long pants while demonstrating self-rescue techniques.
  • In self-rescue, Ice scenarios candidates might simulate climbing onto the ice and distributing weight evenly over the ice while moving away from the hole.
  • For self-rescue in moving, water candidates must attempt to swim with or across the current to safety.
  • For self-rescue is swamped or capsized boat candidates must remain with the boat and support themselves the boat.
  • Candidates must demonstrate proper use of judgment and knowledge when completing a self-rescue.

To successfully complete the Self Rescue Course component of the Bronze Medallion candidates must complete the skill and knowledge requirements posted above. Self-rescue is a key component of Bronze Medallion and any Lifesaving program.