Bronze Star – Walk and Spot

Participants enrolled in Bronze Star training will learn techniques for scanning and patrolling aquatic environments. In this section of Bronze Star candidates will walk the perimeter of the aquatic facility and try to locate a submerged object within 30 seconds. The purpose of this activity is to learn basic procedures and understand the importance of constant scanning and walking a patrol. The material posted on this page is designed to help candidates understand the necessary components of the Walk and Spot Bronze Star activity. This page is for information purposes only, if you want to practice the activities posted on this page enroll in a Lifesaving Society Bronze course.

To successfully complete the walk and spot component of Bronze Star candidates must:

  • Complete a perimeter walk of the facility including on the deck, dock, and or beach (if available).
  • Successfully complete an effective bottom scanning technique in the search of a specific object.
  • Successfully locate the submerged object within 30 seconds.

Additional Notes:

  • Instructors will emphasize the importance of bottom visibility and factors that can affect it such as water clarity, glare, surface chop, debris, and waves.
  • Participants will practice this exercise with a variety of different objects including objects that vary in size, shape, buoyancy, and color.

To successfully complete Bronze Star candidates will have to complete the walk and spot component while completing all of the knowledge and skill factors posted above. This component is essential to more advanced lifesaving techniques.