Bronze Star – Entries

Participants enrolled in Bronze star will have to cover a number of water proficiency items. A component of water safety and rescues is understanding the different approaches and entries into water. To successfully complete a Bronze Star course participants must demonstrate, in deep water, a deep and shallow head and foot first entries from a height of 1 meter. Candidates are required to demonstrate the ability to control the depth of entries from various heights.

To successfully complete this component of Bronze Star Candidates must show the instructor:

  • A entry from a standing position.
  • A entry in which the body enters in a streamlined position.
  • Control of path through water.
  • Achievement of a pre-determined depth.

Additional Notes:

  • Prior to entering the water participants must communicate to the instructor the depth they are aiming to achieve.
  • Prior to entering any water all participants must look into the water to determine safe entry and to analyze the environment (water clarity, depth, rocks, other swimmers).
  • Participants should experiment with entries from a variety of heights but no higher than 1 meter and a variety of target depths. Entries can be performed from diving boards, elevated blocks, starting blocks and lifeguard chairs.
  • Candidates such ensure that the water depth is a minimum of 3 meters for 1 meter of height.

To successfully complete a Bronze Star course participants must show the instructor entries from a height going head and feet first. This is a initial component to rescuing and safety. Participants must show caution and safety throughout this exercise.