Bronze Star – Rescue submersed non-breathing victim

Candidates enrolled in Bronze Star will learn various rescue techniques and apply skills and knowledge learned in previous sections to these rescue techniques. Part of the recognition and rescue component of Bronze Star is a rescue simulation of a non-breathing victim in deep water. In this component of the course rescuer must perform a rescue of an unconscious, non-breathing victim in deep water.  Candidates must return with the victim to the beach, dock or poolside. Rescuers must use untrained bystanders to assist in victim removal. Rescuer must also perform appropriate follow-up and include treatment for shock. This component is one of the most difficult components of the recognition and rescue section of Bronze Star. Participants must use skills and knowledge learned in previous sections to complete this segment. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. To learn lifesaving techniques to rescue drowning or submerged swimmers take a Bronze course through the Lifesaving Society.

To successfully complete the submerged victim rescue in Bronze Star participants must:

  • Quickly and accurately recognize the victim, environment and scenario.
  • Maintain personal safety throughout the simulation.
  • Appropriately assess the scenario.
  • Call for help immediately upon determining a emergency.
  • Choose a appropriate aid.
  • Appropriately enter the water and approach the submerged victim.
  • Secure the victim to the nearest point of safety.
  • Appropriately care for the victim and do a follow-up.
  • Have visual contact and constructive communication throughout the scenario.
  • Appropriately use a bystander with clear directions.
  • Continue treatment until relieved of responsibility.

Additional Notes:

  • Rescuer will have a victim that is near the surface or face down at the surface of the water.
  • Rescuer will receive follow-up procedures during rescue.
  • Use of a barrier device is strongly recommended.

To successfully complete Bronze Star candidates must complete a submerged victim rescue component. Candidates must complete all of the criteria mentioned above to successfully complete this section of Bronze Star.