Bronze Star – Land Spinals

Candidates enrolled in Bronze Star will have to demonstrate proper care and treatment of suspected spinal patients to successfully complete the course. Participants will have to demonstrate the immobilization of a possible spinal-injured breathing victim on land. The purpose of this activity is to minimize a patient’s movement and prevent further injury to the spine or patient. Rescuers must apply skills learned in previous sections of this course to this component. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. To learn to recognize and treat patients with spinal injuries take a first aid course through a credible provider.

To successfully complete the Bronze Star participants must show the following skills to the instructor for treating and managing victims of spinal injuries on land:

  • Rescuers must be able to recognize a possible spinal injury based on the mechanism and cause of injury.
  • Rescuers should assess the patient’s ABCs without moving the patient.
  • Rescuers must immobilize the victim in the position found.
  • Rescuers should contact EMS through a bystander if available.
  • Rescuers must reassure the victim and treat them for shock.

Additional Notes:

  • The main focus of this component is to raise awareness of the risk of spinal injury in aquatics environments.
  • Participants should have a basic understanding of the causes of suspected spinal injuries.
  • The largest focus of this component is the immobilization of the patient.

To successfully complete the Bronze Star participants need to demonstrate effective skills in managing victims of suspected spinal injuries. Candidates must show the skills and knowledge posted above to complete this component. For more information or to learn to treat spinal victims take a first aid course through a credible provider.