Bronze Star – Rescue with a partner

Candidates enrolled in Bronze Star will have to demonstrate the skills and techniques learned in segments of the course when completing mock rescue scenarios. In the recognition and rescue component of Bronze Star participants will have to demonstrate a rescue with a partner. In this component the rescuer, with a a partner, will perform a low-risk rescue of a non-swimmer or a victim with external bleeding. The rescuer(s) must assist the victim to safety showing ability to avoid direct contact. Rescuer(s) must also perform appropriate follow-up procedures, including treatment for shock. The purpose of this activity is to prepare for the prevention of loss of life in an aquatics emergency with minimum risk to the rescuer. This is a large component of the Bronze Star program that incorporates a large amount of knowledge and skill learned in previous sections. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. To learn lifesaving skills candidates should enrol into a Lifesaving Society Bronze course.

To successfully complete this course candidates must successfully complete the following components:

  • Rescuers must have quick and accurate recognition of the scene and environment.
  • Rescuers must maintain personal safety throughout the exercise.
  • Rescuers must appropriately assess the situation.
  • Rescuer must effectively call for help.
  • Rescuer must have appropriate choice and use of aid.
  • Rescuer must have appropriate entry and efficient approach to the victim.
  • Rescuer must have appropriate choice of tow for the circumstance.
  • Rescuer must secure the victim at nearest point of safety.
  • Rescuer must use take appropriate care of the victim and complete a follow-up.
  • Rescuer must have visual contact and constructive communication with victim and partner throughout the rescue.
  • Rescuer must exhibit good teamwork.
  • Rescuer must use bystander appropriately if available.
  • Treatment should continue until rescuers relieved of responsibility.

Additional Notes:

  • Rescuers must use a head-up approach and reverse and ready positioning technique as part of a efficient and appropriate approach.
  • Rescuers will receive direction in basic follow up procedures from the instructor.
  • Aids will be appropriate and realistic to the environment.
  • Use of barrier device during first aid and CPR is strongly recommended.

To successfully complete Bronze Star candidates must complete a rescue following all of the knowledge and skill requirements posted above.