Bronze Star – Water Rescue Drill 1

Participants enrolled in Bronze Star will have to demonstrate skills and knowledge learned in other components of the course when completing rescue drills. In this water rescue drill, candidates must demonstrate a 5-meter head-up swim into a head-first surface dive to retrieve an object from a depth of 2 to 3 meters. Candidates must ascend with the object and complete an eggbeater kick of 5 meters or return to the starting point. The purpose of this drill is to develop a sequence of related lifesaving skills. Participants must demonstrate strong swimming and rescue skills in this activity and must already possess a strong eggbeater kick to be able to navigate through the water while holding an object.

To successfully complete this water rescue drill candidates must:

  • Approach the surface dive point with a 5-meter swim with eyes up and forward.
  • Travel in the designated direction with approach and return.
  • Have a close to or vertical descent when retrieving the object at depth.
  • Have your eyes open while underwater and retrieve the object.
  • Complete the minimum required distance.
  • Extend arm above the head when ascending for safety purposes.

Additional Notes:

  • Participants need to complete the rescue drill in a continuous sequence.
  • Any head-up stroke, including front crawl and breaststroke, is acceptable for the head-up swim component.
  • Participants are encouraged to complete this skill without the use of aids such as nose clips and goggles.
  • Candidates should be aware of and speak to the instructor immediately if they experience any ear pain or severe discomfort.
  • Participants should have an understanding of hyperventilation and the associated risks.
  • The object for recovery should be a small object such as a puck, coins, or rings.

To successfully complete this rescue drill and ultimately Bronze Star participants must show their lifesaving instructor the skills posted above. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only.