Bronze Star – Fitness Medley

To successfully complete Bronze Star participants must complete a fitness medley. The fitness medley consists of candidates wearing a shoulder loop and line and swimming a 100-meter medley in 3 minutes or better. The participants must swim 25 meters with a lifesaving kick, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle to a total of 100 meters. The purpose of this water proficiency component is to develop fitness for use in lifesaving emergencies using rescue equipment. The material posted on this page is for information purposes. Candidates that want to learn rescue skills in aquatics environments should take a Bronze course through the Lifesaving Society.

To successfully complete the fitness medley candidates must:

  • Complete the medley at a uniform pace. Candidates should not have a significantly different pace for each stroke.
  • Complete the distance in 3 minutes or less.

Additional Notes:

  • Participants should start in the water. Dive starts should not be used.
  • Candidates are not required to swim in perfect stroke. Evaluation of strokes is not a component of this section.
  • Candidates should understand the concept of “pacing” when swimming to help with this exercise.
  • Rescuers may use other rope and or line equipment instead of the commercially available ones.

To successfully complete the Bronze Star course participants must complete the fitness medley in the above-mentioned time. Participants should have strong swimming endurance when training to become water safety rescuers. Candidates must show the instructor the “must-see” components to successfully complete this section.