Bronze Star – Victim Recognition

Candidates enrolled in Bronze Star will learn skills and knowledge for victim recognition in aquatics environments. This component is part of the recognition and rescue section of Bronze Star. In this component, rescuers must demonstrate the ability to simulate in the water the appearance of a weak swimmer, a non-swimmer, an unconscious victim, and an injured victim. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate the ability to recognize the difference between a weak swimmer and a non-swimmer and to recognize an unconscious and an injured swimmer. The purpose of this activity is to develop an awareness of the appearance, capabilities, and risk to the rescuer of victims in need of different kinds of assistance. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only, if you want to learn to recognize different types of swimmers in need of assistance take any Bronze course through the Lifesaving Society.

To successfully complete the Victim Recognition component of Bronze Star participants must:

  • Rescuers must, under the victim simulation component, show behavior differentiating between the appearance of a weak swimmer and a non-swimmer.
  • Show behavior, under the victim simulation component, that is consistent with the appearance of an unconscious and injured victim.
  • Under the victim recognition unit, the rescuer must show the ability to identify the difference between the appearance of a weak swimmer and a non-swimmer and have the ability to recognize an unconscious victim and an injured victim.

Additional Information:

  • Candidates in the Bronze Star course will have the opportunity to practice the above-mentioned skills for a variety of drills in the Bronze Star course.

To successfully complete Bronze Star candidates must demonstrate the above-mentioned skills to the Lifesaving Society instructor. Recognizing a victim in distress in water is an essential component of lifesaving and the Bronze program.