Bronze Star – Rescues of Submerged Victims

Participants enrolled in Bronze Star will have to demonstrate water proficiency skills by being able to recover an unconscious victim from deep water. The maximum depth candidates will have to recover a victim from is 2 meters. Bronze Star rescuers must demonstrate the skill of bringing the victim to the surface, and carry to the nearest point of safety. The purpose of this activity is for participants to learn the techniques of recovering a submerged victim in deep water. Candidates must apply and show skills learned and demonstrated in previous sections to this activity. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only and nobody should attempt to rescue drowning or submerged victims without proper training.

To successfully complete this rescue component Bronze Star candidates must demonstrate to the instructor:

  • A quick and efficient descent to the submerged victim.
  • A carry of the victim to the surface. The rescuer must ascend with the victim’s head tilted forward and mouth and nose covered with the rescuer’s hand to prevent water from entering the airway.
  • A quick ascent and return to safety show good control of the victim at all times.
  • Effectively demonstrate the assessment of the victim’s ABC when able to.

Additional Notes:

  • Candidates are not required to perform rescue breathing in this component.
  • Rescuers should make every attempt to prevent water from entering the victim’s airway during transport and removal of the victim.

To successfully complete this rescue component of Bronze Star rescuers should be able to demonstrate the recovery of submerged victims while completing all of the “must-sees” mentioned above.