Bronze Star – Water Rescue Drill 2

To successfully complete the water proficiency and ultimately the Bronze Star course candidates must demonstrate skills learned into a rescue drill. Bronze Star has two rescue drill components for candidates to complete. In this, the second water rescue drill, candidates must demonstrate a 25 meter head-up swim into a foot first surface dive to retrieve a 4.5 kg object at a maximum depth of 2 meters. Candidates must then carry the object to the point of entry, exit the water and demonstrate rescue breathing on a manikin. Rescuers must incorporate  skills and knowledge learned from previous components to successfully complete this water proficiency item. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. To learn to become a lifesaver take a Lifesaving Society course.

To successfully complete this water rescue skill component of Bronze Star participants must:

  • Keep eyes up and forward on the approach to the foot first surface dive destination.
  • Travel in a designated direction.
  • Have a vertical or close to vertical foot first descent to retrieve the object.
  • Have eyes remain open during descent (instructor will encourage participants to not use goggles)
  • Complete the 25 meter distance swim.
  • Effectively assess the victim (manikin) and correctly begin and continue rescue breathing.

Additional Notes:

  • Participants should complete the water rescue drill in one continuous sequence.
  • Any head up stroke, including front crawl and breast-stroke, are acceptable for the head up approach.
  • Participants will not have to dive below 2 meters to retrieve the object. Any participants that experience ear discomfort or pain should immediately notify the instructor / lifeguard.

To successfully complete this component of the Bronze Star course participants must show all the skills posted above. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. To learn to rescue and retrieve victims in water take a Bronze Star course through the Lifesaving Society.