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The beginning of the summer season means that many people will now open their swimming pools. Pool owners and parents especially those with kids should keep in mind that the swimming pool is a great health hazard because it is easy for the kids to drown. It is possible for a kid to drown instantly and silently, in most cases without screaming or splashing. This will definitely lead to death because it is not possible for a child to prevent the risk posed by the water. It is also good to note that children are more attracted to water because its sparkling, thing float on it and makes a great sound when smacked. This calls for need for extra caution to prevent drowning not only for children, but also adults. It is estimated that hundreds of Canadians drown each year with the children and adolescents being the most affected. There is also those who require emergency assistance as a result of non fatal submersion.

How to prevent drowning

The key to prevent drowning involves putting multiple levels of protection. The following precautions can be used to help keep the children safe from the swimming pool.

Put a fence or wall

Physical barriers act as the most effective ways of protecting your swimming pool. They will prevent the children from having access to the swimming pool. The fences or wall give the parent or the lifeguard more time to reach the child before accessing the pool. The wall or fence protecting should be built four feet high and installed completely around the swimming pool. The fence gates should be self latching and closing. The latch should be built where a child cannot reach it. For above grounds swimming pools, ladders and steps to the pool should be locked, secured, removed when there is no one using the pool.


Putting barriers may not offer the full protection from accidental drowning. Children need to be supervised because they can at times open the gate and have access to the pool. Therefore, make sure that the children are in a place where you can see them.

Get rid of toys

Never at any time should you leave pool toys bobbing in the water when no one is using it. This is because children may try to retrieve the toy leading to drowning.

Cover the swimming pool

You can put a motor powered cover to provide a barrier over the water when the pool is not used. The cover should be able to hold the weight of two adults and a child in case there is a need for an urgent rescue.

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