Bronze Star – Endurance Challenge

Candidates enrolled in Bronze Star will need to complete several Endurance Swim Challenge tests in water to successfully complete the course. One of the most challenging tests for candidates is the Endurance Swim Challenge. Participants are required to swim 400 meters in 12 minutes or better using any stroke as per the swimmer’s choice. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the swimming skills and endurance of the candidate and to build endurance. Participants are required to be strong swimmers prior to registering for the Bronze Star course. This course does not include any significant amount of time in training participants to swim.

To successfully complete the Bronze Star course participants must complete an Endurance Swim Challenge in which candidates must:

  • Use recognizable strokes such as freestyle, back-crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, or elementary backstroke.
  • Swim continuously without taking any breaks between lengths.
  • Complete the distance swim in 12 minutes or better.

Additional Information:

  • Participants have the option of starting from the water or diving from the pool deck. Dive blocks should not be used.
  • Participants will not be evaluated on stroke techniques.
  • Participants are encouraged to use more efficient strokes such as freestyle or breaststroke when completing the fitness challenge.
  • Instructors may develop and practice stroke correction drills and practice drills for participants to help achieve endurance goals.
  • Participants are encouraged to track times and record personal bests.
  • This component may be practiced several times within the course.

To successfully complete the Bronze Star course participants must complete several challenges. The Endurance Swim Challenge in this course can be the most daunting. Participants are encouraged to have strong swimming and endurance skills prior to registering or entering a Bronze Star course.