Lifeguard Training: Some Of The Scenarios To Expect

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near drowning
Near drowning can be due to unattended swimming pools and beaches.

Part of undergoing lifeguard training revolves around knowing that there are a number of scenarios that you should expect. These are enactments created for the purpose of training so that individuals are able to know what to expect and how to act when emergency strikes. This is one of the major reasons why individuals who are keen to undertake such training need to be adequately prepared. The enactments are also another reason why when it comes to lifeguard training it is imperative to choose an offline form of treatment.

Carry out an evaluation of the adult victim from head-to-toe. In children and infants, the process is reversed so that it is carried out from toe-to-head. This plays a fundamental role because it allows you to notice any abnormalities present.

i)                    For the purposes of first aid procedures indicated in training in the capacity of a lifeguard, one should take steps to make sure that they are prepared to call for backup. During the call, the lifeguard will carry out first aid procedures as taught during lifeguard training, all the while taking time to accurately describe the patient’s symptoms as well as any signs of injury.

ii)                   One should also make sure that they outline the steps required when addressing medical professionals, as and when is necessary. In line with this, if the patient is conscious, it is imperative that the lifeguard explains the procedural instructions that they are meant to undergo.

Listed below are some of the typical scenarios that one should expect during the duration of training. Note that while these are examples, they certainly do not act as replacement for proper and formal training as a lifeguard.

Scenario 1: you are at the poolside and a 5 year old comes running to you, telling you that they have sprained their ankle. Their guardian is at the far end of the pool. How do you treat the situation? Lifeguard training teaches that you must first seek consent from the guardian before proceeding to provide first aid for the sprain.

Scenario 2: You are hanging out with your friends at a barbecue party when you are called by one of the friends and told that there is someone who needs attention urgently. The reason is that they are feeling dizzy, and suspect that their sugar levels could have taken a dip. The first aid solution for this will be taking first aid steps for sudden disease as well as dealing with diabetic episodes.

Scenario 3: you are walking down the beach and you notice a person foaming at the mouth. What steps do you take? Lifeguard training teaches you to carry out first aid for persons experiencing seizures.

Granted, it is not possible to outline every kind of medical emergency, but the first aid procedures covered will go a long way in ensuring preparedness.

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