Uncommon Allergies That You Have To Know

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Allergies often lead to mild symptoms such as rashes but it can also cause

Epinephrine Injector for Allergic Reactions
Epinephrine Injector for Allergic Reactions

life-threatening complications such as difficulty of breathing and multiple organ reactions. This makes it important to know your allergies.

Some people develop allergic reactions to some rather unusual and surprising things – such as underwear, cell phones and sex. Although many are familiar with common allergies like dairy, peanuts, dust mites, seafood and the like, there are still too many who are unaware of their existing allergies. Many develop sinus issues, hives and rashes without realizing that they are experiencing allergy symptoms. Here are some of the lesser-known allergies that you might want to know.

Cell Phone Allergy

If you are worried about cell phones causing brain cancer, worry not as there is not yet any conclusive study about it. But one thing is for sure, heavy users of cell phone can develop skin rashes and allergies. Dubbed as “mobile phone dermatitis,” this condition is due to the reaction of the skin to nickel – a compound commonly found in the exterior parts of cell phones such as menu buttons, casings, trimmings, and headset logos. Although this condition does not lead to severe allergic reaction, it can cause itchy, bumpy rash that can be annoying.

Exercise-induced Allergy

Sometimes people joke about being ‘allergic to exercise’ but in truth, there are people who develop allergic reactions to exercise. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is a condition that affects thousands of people. For people with this type of allergy, jogging in the park or a badminton match can lead to rashes or wheezing. Usually, these reactions result from eating a specific food before engaging in extreme physical activity. Individuals with these allergies may not have problems eating the said foods, but exercising after eating them can lead to reactions. Exercise increases blood circulation therefore causing the allergen to move faster around the system, which results in allergic reactions. Certain medications (such as painkillers) and weather conditions (such as extreme humidity, heat or cold) can also cause this type of allergy. It should be noted that severe exercise-induced allergy can result in cardiopulmonary arrest.

Clothing Allergy

Some women think that they develop rashes and blisters in their chest area because of tight bras. But it can be a sign of allergic reaction to the materials used in their clothing. Formaldehyde and other allergenic chemicals are commonly used in the textile industry for preserving the clothing. Prolonged contact with these chemicals can lead to allergic reaction.

Intimate Allergies

“Sex allergy” may sound intriguing, but it’s a reality. Some individuals develop allergic reactions to latex in condoms, chemicals
in spermicides and lubricants. Of these allergies, latex allergy is known to cause fatal reactions. If untreated, it can lead to life-threatening anaphylactic latex reactions.

In order to avoid serious consequences of allergies, it is essential to work closely with your doctor to find out your allergies. If you develop slight symptoms of allergies, make sure to have it checked by a health expert.

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